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Raipur : Chief Minister calls upon farmers to be bold : 'Raman Ke Ghoth' appeals to farmers and workers

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                                                                                       Raipur, 10 January 2016

The citizens of Chhattisgarh listened with rapt attention the fifth edition of 'Raman Ke Ghoth' which was relayed today at 10: 45 am for 15 minutes by the Akashvaani Kendra Raipur. It was relayed by all the Kendras of the State. The 'Raman Ke Ghoth' was prepared by the Public Relations Department and relayed by all the Akashvani Kendras of the State.

Mother Theresa Ward Councillor Mr.  Kachru Sahu said that Chief Minister is having a meaningful dialogue with the listeners of the State. On the one hand various policies of the State Government are being conveyed to the masses and on the other the people's voice is being conveyed to the authorities. Shyam Nagar resident Mr. Sonu Saluja said  that Raipur and Chhattisgarh will get a distinct identity with the conduct of Yuva Utsav. Youth will get a national-level platform to display their artistic talent in many a field.

Telibanda resident Mr. Ashish Kumar Das said that farmers had received words of assurance that during the times of distress the State Government was with the farmers. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh's words of encouragement will definitely have a positive impact on the minds of the farmers. Mr. Das said that farmers loans' burden had been reduced, Land -Revenue, irrigation implements, electricity bills have been reduced and employment under MNREGA had been increased to 200 days. The financial assistance for the marriages of farmers' daughters in the drought-affected regions had been increased to Rs 30 thousand from the earlier Rs 15 thousand. These steps had boosted the morale of the farmers and workers in the entire state.


10 Jan 2016