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‘Raman Ke Goth’ : Special Programme aired by Akashwani (Date 8 May, 2016, Time morning 10.45am to 11am)

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Male Announcer  Greetings!


Hearty welcome to all the listeners on this important broadcast of "Raman Ke Goth".

Listeners! Your support has made this special programme of Akashwani 'Raman Ke Goth' quite popular. Heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Dr Raman Singh ji we heartily welcome you on the ninth episode of "Raman Ke Goth".



Dr Raman Singh

  • (In Chhattisgarhi) Jai Johar to all my friends, elder ones, youngsters, mothers and sisters. I love talking to you all. Your suggestions     through letters are valuable inputs for making new schemes.
  • (In Hindi) Today at first I would like to congratulate those children  who have cleared 10th and 12th exam successfully.
  •  I am happy to see that our daughters and students of government schools have evident dominance in the merit-list. This has glorified t   the name of our schools, parents of the students and entire state.
  • Children who could not perform as per expectations should not get  disheartened.
  •   You can see many examples of how students scoring low marks in  one exam succeed tremendously in other exam.

Female Announcer-

  •  Listeners! You have sent us large number of letters after listening to the last episode of the programme, which shows your interest and enthusiasm. This time arrangements are being made, so that listeners may convey their feedback through SMS also. For this you need to type RKG on your message box, give space, write your suggestion or feedback and send it to 7668-500-500.
  •  Now without any delay, let us begin with Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh's talk.
  •  Doctor Sahab, you have begun with your journey under Lok Suraaj Abhiyan in this scorching summer. Why have you chosen this time for the campaign?

 Dr Raman Singh's answer

  •  This question reminds me of a few lines from the song written by by favourite poet Lakshman Masturiha-

        "Mor Sang Chalav Ji, Mor Sang Chalav Ga"

  •  When we all walk together and write the story of Chhattisgarh's development, only then our Suraaj Abhiyan will prove to be successful.
  • "Gram Suraaj Abhiyan" commenced during scorching heat and 'navtapa'
  •  The way we clean our houses during Diwali, Eid and Christmas, the same way government-administration's cleanliness campaign is conducted in this summer.
  • Reason behind organizing this event during summer is that during summer season, our farmers prepare for crops, and are mostly fre. Children have their vacations, gearing up for their next academic session.
  •  Our officers and employees were also reluctant to step out and visit villagers during this scorching summer, which is why we decided that right from our Chief Secretary to all the officers, from Chief Minister to Ministers, MLAs, MPs, and members of Jila Panchayat will stay in villages.
  •  Whenever we hold chaupal under mango tree, mahua tree, kusum tree while sun is glaring bright, I feel we get some great ideas for new schemes. I have noticed that all the schemes we formulated in the chaupal are some of the most successful government schemes. We have commenced schemes like "Mukhyamantri Bal Hriday Yojana", rice festival, 'Charan Paduka', minor forest produce procurement schemes etc.
  • When we used to make schemes in AC rooms on the fifth floor of the secretariat, the schemes were mostly the product of mind. But now when we make schemes in chaupal among people of the village, we have both our hearts and minds into it. This is the reason why discussion held in chaupal becomes our agenda for future, which we follow religiously.
  •  I feel this is the reason why we visit villages, block headquarters, and districts during "Lok Suraaj Abhiyan", and review our own performance. In this course of time, new schemes are formulated, government does self-evaluation of its performance in 12 years. It shows where did we fell short in implementation of certain schemes, and what are the shortcomings in implementation of these schemes.
  •  There is no other better way to overcome these shortcomings. The sole objective of this campaign is to ensure implementation of schemes among public in a transparent manner.  


Male Announcer-

  • Mr. Chief Minister you have said it right that schemes are made from heart, in chaupals of villages, under the shade of trees.
  •  Mr. Chief Minister a number of announcements have been made, inaugurations and foundation laying etc has been done. What is its importance for people of state?


Dr Raman Singh's answer

  • During Lok Suraaj Abhiyan, we not only interact with people but also schedule inaugurations and foundation laying of schemes of village during this event. This is the time when we dedicate our schemes to public and in these inaugural programmes, we head towards success of these scheme made by local people.
  •  I would like to quote two incidents. When I visited Dantewada during Lok Suraaj Abhiyan, I went to Karli village with a farmers group of Mochobadi scheme. There I met farmers practicing organic farming. Their enthusiasm and the scale on which they are practing organic farming is simply amazing.
  •  They gifted me rice produced from organic farming. I felt it is the product of their hard work and dedication that the rice produced in Chhattisgarh through organic farming is not only being sold in Chhattisgarh but also in other parts of the state. The demand is so huge that there is not enough production.
  • I feel that when we started scheme of distributing rice, the pleasure those beneficiaries might have felt is unfathomable. When people of Karli village gifted me rice produced through organic farming, I became emotional and felt overwhelmed with their warmth and affection.
  •  The bag of rice they presented reassures me that one day they will gain recognition at national with their hard work and dedication.
  • I met an 80-year -old woman Mrs. Shulmati Mata at Badedongar, Kondagaon helipad. I asked her what      petition she had brought, what is her name ?
  •  She replied that she had come to say only thanks and did not bring any list of complaint. She is getting rice, grams, salt. You have implemented many schemes for the welfare of the poor. I came here to give you blessings, and with Maa Danteshwari's blessings you will be successful. I walked 30 kms just to say thanks to you.
  • These sort of comments makes one emotional. People have a direct connect with the various social welfare programmes and policies which encourages  us to move forward.
  • There is a lot of excitement at village Timed in Bijapur district bordering Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh over the construction of Rs 250 crore bridge. The bridge will connect Chhattisgarh to Maharashtra and also Andhra Pradesh.
  • I went on a motor-cycle on Bejji-Injram road. I met people who became victims of Naxalites' violence and realized how a village is constituted again.
  • Bejji Devi mandir has taught me the happiness of going back to village and getting resettled. Seven jawans had been martyred while laying the road. More than 50 I.E.D. had been removed from the area. Then I thought let me pay salute to the martyrs and how difficult it is to lay a road.
  • The team of police jawans and others had laid 28 kilometer road with utmost difficulty.
  • I promised them when the concrete road is laid I will come back again.
  •  At Abhujmad, I realized that the main problem of the villagers is lack of electricity. When I announced that 53 villages will be electrified soon then their faces lit up. Abhujmargh had been waiting for this for quite sometime.
  • We have taken two crucial decisions during 'Lok Suraj Mission'. Earlier to get copies of maps, khasra and B-1 the villagers had to wait months. We had decided to distribute maps, khasra and B-1 forms within three months in the village itself.
  • The villagers are happy that patwari is giving copies of maps, khasra and B-1 at their village itself. Another crucial step was to provide patta of populated land to the villagers.                                       


Female Announcer

  •  Prime Minister has launched 'Jan Aushadi Kendra' at Rajnandgaon , what are the benefits, Doctor ?


Dr. Raman Sigh replies

  • Yes ! we have opened 108 Jan Aushadi Kendra at all Block Headquarter. 400 generic medicines are available at one-fourth the price of markets. Chhattisgarh is the only state which has opened Kendras on such a large scale.
  •  The quality of Generic drugs is the same like that of any branded costly drugs. I request the citizens to discuss about the Jan Aushadi Kendras and inform the patients and their families to buy the Generic drugs. They will save a lot of money which can be used for some other useful purpose.
  •  I appeal to the doctors to prescribe Generic drugs so that patients stay healthy and save money.


Male Announcer

  •  Dr. Raman Singh Akshaya Treethiya is on Monday (tomorrow) which is called 'Akthi' in Chhattisgarh . What you want to convey to the listeners ?


Dr. Raman Singh replies

  • Akthi is big festival of Chhattisgarh (replies in Chhattisgarhi). All the new works are  begun on this auspicious day in Chhattisgarh.
  •  I greet the citizens of the State on this auspicious occasion .
  •  I am concerned over the large scale child marriages on this auspicious day. I appeal to the concerned citizens to put an end to Child Marriages as soon as possible and make Chhattisgarh an ideal state.
  •  Buddha Poornima is on 21 May. I pay obeisance to Gautam Buddha. I appeal to all people to follow the teachings of piety, love and humanity and make lives more meaningful.
  • It is a matter of pride for all of us that the birth of Mhaprabhu Vallabhacharya is Champaran in Chhattisgarh. I pay my obeisance to Him as his Jayanti falls this month and also that of Sen Maharaj, Bhagwan Parsuram and Shankaracharya. I seek their blessings for peace and prosperity of the State.
  • In my next address i will speak various other new issues. Till then Jai Johar, Jai Hind, jai Chhattisgarh.


Female Announcer

  • Listeners we will meet Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh--on 12 June.
  • You people listen the programme with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. You get a lot information through this medium.  we are starting a quiz from today. You have to give a reply to it.


 *What medicine is available at Jan Aushadi Kendras ?

A .     Generic                         B.      Branded

To reply write QA on mobile message box and give space write A or B , which ever you feel is true and send to 7668-500-500.




08 May 2016