Raipur : New technique of assessment discussed in COBSE Conference


Raipur, 9 November 2017

Chairman Chhattisgarh Madarsa Board Mr. Mirza Ejaz Beg attended the 46th Annual Conference of Council of Board of School Education (COBSE), New Delhi organized in Dhulikhel, Nepal from November 2 to November 4.

Mr. Beg told after returning from the annual conference held in Nepal that every year COBSE has been organizing the annual conference in various states of the country, but for the first time this year, this annual conference was organized in Nepal. All the board members were invited in this conference. Mr. Beg informed that this conference was based on ' new technique of assessment'. Many new technique ideas and approaches for assessment were discussed in the conference. He said that the main responsibility of the boards, councils and exam bodies at national and international level is to conduct examinations in an unbiased and smooth manner. He said that the conference was attended by 60 board members related to school education. Associate members from England, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal, Bhutan also expressed their thoughts on the subject.


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