Raipur : Retirement age extended from 58 years to 60 years : Good news for hard-working labourers

Nearly 10 thousand labourers of Bilapsur district to get benefitted


Raipur, 5 July 2019

In larger interest of labourers and employees deployed in various undertakings, factories, and industries in the state, Chhattisgarh Government has decided to extend retirement age from 58 years to 60 years. This decision of state government has brought great joy to hard-working labourers, who strive to make their both ends meet and look after their families.

Chhattisgarh Industrial Planning Act 1961 and Chhattisgarh Industrial Planning Rule 1963 are applicable on the organizations that have hired 30 or more workers/labourers in last 12 months. Under aforementioned Act and Rule, the retirement age for labourers and works is 58 years, which has now been revised to 60 years.

Mr. Mohammad Musteem, 56-year-old Electrician employed in BEC Fertilizers Factory, Bilaspur Sirgitti Industrial Area, expressed happiness on this decision of state government, saying that extension of service period by two years will help him make his daughter's dream come true. His daughter is in final year of college and she aspires to do Ph.D. But he was a sad earlier as his retirement date was nearing and he didn't know how he would support his daughter's aspirations. Now government's decision has relieved him of his worries.

56-year-old Lakshminarayan Sonkar works as high-skill mason in the same factory. His wife is suffering from paralysis and his four children are of marriageable age. With only two years of service period in hand, he was concerned that if he spends all his savings on wife's treatment and children's marriage, how they would survive in the later years. But this decision of government has brought him respite and given him sense of security.

55-year-old Ishwar Prasad Banjare has been working in aforementioned organization for last 36 years. Presently, he has been working as high-skill operator after promotion. By 58 year of his age, he would have earlier retired on the same post. But now as a result of government's decision, he would retire as foreman. He is happy that his dream of holding the post of foreman would come true.

Likewise, high-skill operators in Production Department Mr. Balraj Khande, Mr. Lal Khan, Senior Electrician Mr. Jyoti Prakash Jaiswal, Mechanic Mr. Ramgopal, DM Plant Operator Mr. Anant Singh are also happy with state government's decision in the larger interest of hard working employees.



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