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Gariaband: Umeshwari developed a kitchen garden in her home as a result of the Jal Jeevan Mission


Gariaband 31 December 2022
About 23 kilometres from the headquarters of Gariaband. Pariyabahra is a village of  Gram Panchayat Bindranavagarh, located approximately 6 kilometres from the National Highway. Umeshwari Yadav's house  that has nine members, including her parents, who rely on agriculture for a living. Kumari Umeshwari is in ninth grade at Government Higher Secondary School, Bindranwagarh.Umeshwari and her family use tap water connection as drinking water earlier  they  use to bring water from far away. Due to getting sufficient water now, by using the tap, an ideal kitchen garden has also been developed, in which vegetables like spinach, laal bhaji, bhindi, coriander, cauliflower etc. are cultivated by Kumari Umeshwari said that ever since water taps have been installed in her house under the Jal Jeevan Mission, since then the water that is wasted after drinking, bathing, washing clothes, cleaning utensils,  she makes full use of that water and grows vegetables so that now she not need to buy vegetables from outside, she also expressed her happiness that she could not perform well in school due to water problems as half the time was wasted in fetching water. Now she is doing well in school and her parents can  leave on time to  work on the farm